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Why Adopt a Rescue Dog?
Many people believe that rescue dogs are unwanted due to behavioural problems. In the vast majority of cases – this is untrue!  Unfortunately, many people get a dog without thinking about the time, effort and expense involved. These dogs end up with us, or are sadly just abandoned to fend for themselves. In fact, the most common reasons a dog ends up with The Ark include the following:

– The owners don’t have time for the dog
– The owners find that they can’t afford veterinary care
– The owner dies or goes into a nursing home
– Couples have children and don’t have time for the dog or the dog no longer fits into their lifestyle
– The owner is leaving the island permanently
– The owner is moving to accommodation that doesn’t allow pets

Rescue dogs will be fantastic pets, forever grateful, loyal and devoted companions. And by adopting a rescue dog – you are saving their life..!!

MORE INFO: Responsible Dog Ownership

Our Re-Homing Policies
You must be over 18 years old to re-home a dog from The Ark.
We adamantly do NOT re-home dogs which will be tied or penned. They must live freely in a safe, secure, fully enclosed, ‘happy’ environment. They MUST be cared for with love and compassion. They MUST have daily adequate food, clean water and shelter.

STAGE 1: The Re-Homing Process
If you are interested in adopting a dog, please phone or email us with your specific requirements. Should you wish to make a choice directly from our re-homing facility, we have fantastic staff and volunteers that will be able to assist you. We are open to visitors 7 days a week – closing at 3pm. Ideally, and to avoid cleaning and feeding times, its best you come between 10am-11.30am and 1pm-2.30pm. Please feel free to pass by if you’re in the area. For directions, please call us. If an advertised dog is not being cared for at the shelter, we will organise for you to meet them where they are currently living.

STAGE 2: The Home Check
All dogs have different personalities and temperaments.  Each dog is assessed to find out what they are like and what sort of home, lifestyle and environment would best suit them. Should we feel that you and your selected dog match, you will require a home check. Please note, we have the right to disallow any adoption application without explanation.

STAGE 3: Introducing Other Pets
Should you have another dog or dogs, on the home check, we will assess their temperament with a view to finding compatible personalities. The majority of rescue dogs have not been tested for their reaction to cats.  Should you require additional assistance with dog/dog or dog/cat introductions – we can arrange for a professional dog trainer to assist you. Please note – due to us being an under-funded non-profit charity, this service is your financial responsibility but you will receive a reduced ‘dog rescue’ rate.

Should you be accepted as an adoptee, you will be obligated to sign a legal contract accepting all of the mandatory requirements. Should you not abide by the contract – The Ark has the legal right to re-claim the dog without any pre-warning.

How Much Does It Cost?
We do not specify a set adoption fee but we do kindly ask you for a donation. This is to help us with the daily running costs of our organisation. We are funded solely by fundraising events and donations so whatever you can contribute will be greatly appreciated.

The Ark has a strict pro-neutering programme where we ensure that every adult dog in our care is neutered before being re-homed. Should you re-home a puppy, it is your legal responsibility, at your own personal cost, to have the puppy neutered when it becomes of age. We will remind you and carry out checks to ensure this has been organised.

Registering your Dog
By Government Law, you are required to register your dog. Again this is at your own personal cost. For a one-off payment of $5.00, once the dog has been spayed/neutered, and you show proof of this, you will receive an engraved tag displaying your dog’s unique identification number. This MUST be attached to your dogs collar at all times.

Future Veterinary Care
To our best knowledge, we will inform you if the dog has any health issues prior to adoption. Upon adoption, you are responsible for keeping your pet in good health and are financially responsible for any future veterinary care. Although, if you do need assistance, please call us. Note: This is not a guarantee of financial aid.

No Liability
We will only re-home a dog of a certain temperament that we feel suits you and your home environment. To our best knowledge, we will inform you if the dog has any behaviour issues prior to adoption. We will not be held liable for any damage the dog causes to people, other animals or property after the adoption contract has been agreed. With that said, we do not re-home dogs that we believe to be dangerous.

Re-Home Check
After adoption, we would like to keep in contact and visit the dog for progress reports. Any visits are to be organised at your convenience.

We have dogs of all ages, colours, sizes and breeds. Please take a look at all the dogs displayed. Not all of these are at the shelter. We currently home over 50 dogs and unfortunately do not have the space to house anymore. We have an extensive waiting list so please especially take into consideration our ‘urgent’ dogs. These ones are not being cared for at The Ark and are in desperate need of homes – perhaps their owner is moving away or died or maybe their current owner can’t keep them anymore. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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