NAME: Blossom
DATE OF BIRTH: March 2007 (Approx)
DATE OF PASSING: 2nd December 2016
BREED: Mixed
SEX: Female
SIZE: Small-Medium
GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS: Yes (with male dogs)

Blossom is such a sweet and loving dog. She needs time to get to know you and to trust you, this will not happen overnight. Potential adopters must be willing to come up to the Ark and spend quality time with her for a period of time. This would include walking her – she loves her walks – and sitting with her. Basically have her bond with you and vice-versus. Blossom is super smart having had to fend for herself before coming up to the Ark. She prefers the company of male dogs and is good with children of all ages. Very agile, despite having only three legs and one smart cookie,. We all love her to bits and are hoping she can find her forever home sometime in the near future.

Sponsored for the Month of November 2016 by one of our wonderful Members who prefers to remain anonymous.

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