NAME: Cassie
DATE OF BIRTH: November 2012 (Approx)
DATE OF ADOPTION: 30th September 2013
BREED: Mixed
SEX: Female
SIZE: Medium-Large
GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS: Yes (with male dogs)

When at her correct weight Cassie will be even more gorgeous! She was found in Sandy Lane on 12 November 2012 and was taken straight to a nearby Vet where she spent a few days being treated, then boarded at The RSPCA until we had space for her. She is slowly gaining weight and is such a lovely dog with a sweet disposition. Cassie craves attention and likes nothing more than to be petted and stroked. She enjoys her walks however is still in the learning stages which we are working on. Being quite a large and young dog, Cassie has lots of energy and will need a large secure garden as well as an assertive owner and family who will spend the necessary time with her. Already she has settled into our routine up at The Ark. She is very alert and good with male dogs as she is sharing her space with Jess (3 yr old medium male).

contact details: The Ark Barbados
The Ark Animal Welfare Society, Barbados
Registered Charity: No: 428
Telephone: (246) 435-4108

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