Spay & Neuter

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine… or Ten… or Eleven…
A pair of scissors, thread, and a needle are all it takes to fix a torn hem before it’s completely unravelled. Your veterinarian can use those same tools to “fix” your dog and to help reduce the pet overpopulation problem. It’s a simple solution to prevent millions of unwanted animals from being born to a fate that often ends with a needle of another kind.

Dog Overpopulation is a Problem
Every year, thousands of unwanted dogs are put to sleep across Barbados. Many of these are the result of accidental breeding by free-roaming, un-neutered dogs. The more dogs spayed or neutered, the fewer will have to be destroyed.

Why your female dog should be spayed:
- No heat cycles
– Less desire to roam
– Risk of mammary gland tumours, ovarian and/or uterine cancers reduced or eliminated
– Number of unwanted animals is at an all time high

Why your male pet should be neutered:
- Reduces or eliminates risk of spraying and marking
– Less desire to roam
– Risk of testicular cancer is eliminated
– Number of unwanted animals is at an all time high

The Ark Pro-Neutering Programme
With the ever growing population of unwanted, and uncared for, dogs in Barbados, we abide by a strict pro-neutering programme where we ensure that every adult dog in our care is neutered before being re-homed. Should we re-home a puppy, when it becomes of age, we will remind the new owner, and with follow-up checks, to ensure that this has been organised. Never will we allow for an Ark dog to be bred.

We run a low cost SPAY/NEUTER programme aimed at reducing the unwanted litters of domestic animals. Every dog neutered through participation in this scheme is issued a NEUTER certificate which enables the owner to license the dog for a one time fee of $5.00.

It’s always the responsible choice to neuter your dog – help reduce the overpopulation and please spay or neuter your dog. For low cost spay/neuter services, please contact us today.

contact details: The Ark Barbados
The Ark Animal Welfare Society, Barbados
Registered Charity: No: 428
Telephone: (246) 435-4108

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K9 Friends, BarbadosK9 Friends Barbados Charity have opened their new spay and neuter Clinic situated in Sunset Crest. The Clinic’s purpose is to assist owners who cannot afford the normal veterinary fees to have their pet dogs neutered. Potential clients will be asked to pay a small fee if they can, and will be aided with transportation if required.
Please call 420-1104 or 256 6402 and/or and give your contact information to enable K9 Friends to complete documentation.
Please share this information within your area.
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