NAME: Major
DATE OF BIRTH: January 2014 (Approx)
DATE OF ADOPTION: 2nd November 2015
BREED: Rottie mix
SEX: Male
SIZE: Medium-Large
GOOD WITH CHILDREN: Yes (older children)

Major is just beautiful, inside and out. He has a wonderful fun loving personality, can be quite goofy at times and once he gets to know you, likes and trust you, you have a best friend for life.
He loves to play ball and has just recently learnt it is much more fun to return the ball as well.
Major has come so far from the terrified stray rescued in January (9th) 2015. We boarded him for quite a while at Woodbourne Kennels where for months he refused to let anyone touch him, except for the wonderful Janet. At The Ark, we asked Gerad to continue working with him, and finally a break through was made. Major can still be unsure of strangers and interested persons must be willing to spend quality time with him, take him for walks, play ball and gain his trust before bringing him home.
Major is really a big softie, loves attention and giving kisses. He will make an awesome companion and we are hoping there is a wonderful special someone out there, who will be willing to spend at least a good month with him at our shelter,, not ever day, once or twice a week before adopting him to ensure the move from where he considers home to his new home is as smooth as possible.

contact details: The Ark Barbados
The Ark Animal Welfare Society, Barbados
Registered Charity: No: 428
Telephone: (246) 435-4108

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