NAME: Timmie
DATE OF BIRTH: May 2005 (Approx)
DATE OF ADOPTION: 15th March 2012
BREED: Mixed
SEX: Male
SIZE: Medium

Timmie was pulled from his home 2 months ago. He is approx. 7 yrs old and, up to 2 months ago, spent all that time tied to a heavy chain. Timmie was rescued by one of our Committee Members who is paying for his boarding up at Woodbourne Kennels until there is space for him up at The Ark. On having him neutered, we received the very sad news that he has Lymphatic leukemia. The good news is that he is enjoying life to the max – enjoying being free, no longer tied, being fed, watered and loved on a daily basis (thanks Dorin!) We are hoping a wonderful foster home can be found for him until it is his time to go to “Doggie Heaven”. Timmie is not ready yet – he is making up for lost time and having a ball. A very loving, kind and gentle dog. We WILL pay for all his medication, any treatment needed and have to be able to visit him from time to time and MUST be involved with the decision making when it is time. Again Timmie is doing well – more than likely never had a “puppyhood” as he was chained so making up for lost time – loves to run and roll on the grass and we are hoping he will have another 6 months or longer to enjoy a chain free life. To learn more of Timmie, best to contact Jo at 428-1803 or via e-mail at ark@caribsurf.com

contact details: The Ark Barbados
The Ark Animal Welfare Society, Barbados
Registered Charity: No: 428
Telephone: (246) 435-4108
Email: ark@caribsurf.com

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