Ark Volunteers

We are forever grateful for the amazing support of our volunteers who visit us at the Ark to help us care for our wonderful dogs.  While the Ark is open every day, our biggest volunteer day is Saturday when many friends visit us to help walk the dogs, feed them and generally give them lots of attention and love. We hope you enjoy these photos of our volunteers and furry friends!

Saturday July 7th – What an amazing day up at The Ark!! Besides Gerad, Dwayne and Dominique, we had altogether 19 volunteers who helped with the walking, grooming, feeding and of course giving our wonderful dogs/pups lots and lots of love and attention. Special thanks to Melanie from Barbados Surf Trips for thinking of us and encouraging these teenagers from WB Surf Camp in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina to give of their time. From all of us at The Ark (including all of our 4-legged friends) a huge THANK YOU!!

Danielle & Gabrielle with their friend giving sweet Cher and adorable Bert (who just loves all the attention and his tummy rubbed) some extra loving after being out on a walk.

Ashli and Jeremy grooming Triggs – lovely young male dog (approx a yr old) who shall be available for adoption shortly.

Cameron & Jill walking Roscoe and Maxine

Debra, Gill, Cameron & Jill – walking Ella, Maxine, Roscoe & Frankie

Hershey getting some extra attention and loving from Matthew.

Bella & Kristin with Kayla and Rex

Kayla, Amy & Sam walking Teddy (aka Star), Maxine & Roscoe

Matthew & Muppet

Matthew C. & Harry

Lovely photo of Riley & her Mum Bridget with Ziggy and Ginger

Group photo with the some of the wonderful Volunteers from St Winifred’s School with 2 of our most dedicated volunteers,  Debra and Sam

The walking trail.

Another of our regular volunteers with Biscuit

Another of our younger volunteers with Garri-Girl

Two new volunteers with Olive and Simon

One of our great volunteers Andy with Benny.

Ella enjoying a belly rub from volunteer Kristin.

Above – Some of our new and wonderful volunteers. This was the Saturday before Christmas 2012 and they are pictured here with Annie and Amy.

Below – One of our young volunteers Tremain giving Marcel some love after his walk.

Bryan, a visiting volunteer from Ottawa, Canada, with our long term resident Obi

Volunteer Jill with our lovely Cassie.

Above – Josh giving Baron some extra love and belly rubs!

Below – New volunteer Ricardo with Dusty Sue, both posing with our very dedicated Saturday volunteer Ari, with Betzy Anne. (Both Dusty Sue and Betsy Anne were Ark Dogs who found their forever home. Now they just visit us as boarders.)

Above – Happy Volunteers! Josh walking Happy and Gill walking Strike. (Happy and Strike were also Ark Dogs, now in their forever homes. Just visiting us briefly as boarders!)

Above – A Family Affair! Young Elan is walking little Goliath, his brother Ari is with Pele and their Dad Ron with Vera. Ron and Family have been volunteering since January 2011!
Below – Elan giving cuddles to Rosco.

Above – Sashanta with Oreo and Snickers.
Below – Volunteer Heather with Benny.

Below – Mandy, Sam and Heather out for a Saturday stroll with Cher, Benny and Tami – 3 wonderful dogs, with 3 wonderful volunteers!

Below – Here are two of our Faithful Tuesday Volunteers: Carol with Baron & Beauty and Karen with Sky.

Below – Jim with Lacie (Lacie is an ex Ark Dog just visiting us as a boarder!)

Below: The lovely Annette with our stunning Beau.

Below:  Corina out for a walk with little Kirby.

Below: Kirby enjoying the extra fuss and attention being given here by Simon.

Below: Jade coming back in from a walk with Coffee.

Below: Jade having a little run with Rusty who is an ex Ark dog in for boarding!

Below: A group of our young volunteers who are a joy to have around! From left to right we have Miles with Baron, Imanie with Beauty, Antoine with Jasper and Jadae with Casper returning from a Saturday morning walk.

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