Unfortunately we do not have the space or facilities to shelter cats at The Ark but we assist with re-homing them and actively recruit foster carers until a permanent solution can be found.

Would you be willing to foster a homeless dog/cat?
We are always in desperate need of foster carers. We currently shelter over 50 dogs so our space is limited. We have an extensive waiting list so foster carers ease the urgency in finding a safe and loving temporary home until a more permanent solution can be found. In many instances, the owner can’t take care of (or want to keep) the pet anymore, perhaps the owner has died or are moving away – in a lot of cases, we rescue strays but with no where to place them until space permits.  It isn’t always easy and sometimes we have no option but to turn them away – something we obviously hate to do.

We need YOUR help. Even if you are here for a short period of time – this will give us time to find a long term foster carer or perhaps even a permanent home.

This is where you can help
We would like to establish a Register of Volunteer Foster Homes.  We would then be able to consult the Register to find the most appropriate foster home when we find ourselves in the situation of not having space for a dog or cat in need.  Please read the following information and, if you feel you would be able to offer a foster home, please complete and return the attached form. (DOWNLOAD FORM)

What does fostering entail?
First and foremost – love, patience and understanding.  Some of our animals have had a traumatic life and need some TLC to bring out the best in them.  Others have come from loving homes that, for a myriad of reasons, are unable to keep them. We are asking you to care for one of these animals in your own home. You will be increasing their chances of finding a forever home by giving them a normal family environment to live in.  For untrained dogs, you could start house training / basic command training although this is not essential. You will need to take daily care of the animal by ensuring it has sufficient food and water, exercise, grooming and play time.

Responsible Dog Ownership
Responsible Cat Ownership

Period of fostering
You can specify the length of time you would like to foster for; The Ark will endeavour to match a pet with your preference.  Sometimes we require a foster home for only a few days, other times it is longer.

For people living in Barbados for just a couple of years and who might like a dog, have you considered longer term fostering?  We have dogs that are hard to re-home (for example older dogs) who would love a family home for the duration of your stay.


The Ark will support you with as much information and advice as you would like. Please feel free to call or email ‘anytime’.

You must be over 18 years old to become a foster parent.

Responsible Fostering
We adamantly do NOT foster dogs which will be tied or penned. They must live freely in a safe, secure, fully enclosed, ‘happy’ environment.

The Home Check

A home check is required to ensure the happiness and safety of the animal in their new temporary home and environment.

Introducing Other Pets

Should you have other pets, on the home check, we will assess their temperament with a view to finding matching personalities. The majority of rescue dogs have not been tested for their reaction to cats.  We can not make any reassurances with regards to dog/dog – dog/cat compatibility.

The Ark has a strict pro-neutering programme where we ensure that every adult dog and cat has to be neutered before or during fostering prior to being permanently re-homed. Should you foster a puppy or kitten, we will organise and finance them to be neutered when they become of age. We will remind you of this at the necessary time. NEVER must an Ark rescue animal be bred.

Potential Adoptee
By becoming a foster carer you agree that you are happy to accept if a potential adoptee visit the animal at your home. Any appointments will be at your convenience.

Veterinary Care
To our best knowledge, we will inform you if the dog/cat has any health issues prior to fostering. It is your responsibility to observe if they shows any signs of illness and contact a vet immediately for advice. The Ark will pay for all veterinary bills concerning the foster pet.

Food Bills
As a foster carer, we would kindly ask you to cover the cost of feeding the animal whilst in your care.

No Liability
We will only suggest a pet of a certain temperament that we feel suits you and your home environment. To our best knowledge, we will inform you if the animal has any behaviour issues prior to fostering. The Ark is a non-profit charity – we can not be held liable for damage caused to people, other animals or property. With that said, we do not foster animals that we believe to be dangerous.

Re-Home Check
Whilst being fostered, we would like to keep in regular contact with you and visit the animal to create profile updates for our website and to take new pictures. Any visits are to be organised at your convenience.

Pet fostering is tremendously rewarding and will enable you to truly make a difference to the lives of many animals at their time of need; you will be preventing an animal being given up or euthanized. Please contact us should you require more information. We really look forward to hearing from you. DOWNLOAD FOSTERING APPLICATION

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