Happy Home Tails

We thought we would share these heart warming photos with you โ€“ our Ark animals enjoying their new forever homes! Due to our website improvements for 2015, we’ll be adding ‘Happy Ending’ updates to the individual adopted pet pages. Check back for even more Happy Tails.

Brooke (above) – now called Daisy! Her new parents also adopted Brad (below) – now called Raffie!

Above – George in his new home and with his new friends!

Below – Suni in her new home with her new dad and new ‘brother’ Brutus. Just look at how happy she is!

Above – Little Abby, formerly called PD!
Below – Before and after shots of precious Janine, now called Abbie. As you can see, she had been through some rough times before coming in to the Ark. But look at her now! What some TLC and love can do…

Below – Angie and Bonnie, formerly Bonnie and Scamp! The first photo shows them in their foster home. They were adopted directly from their wonderful foster and into their forever home.

Above – Bruno, previously called Carlos. Photos taken in February of this year – so happy in his new home!

Below – Monte and Carol – now called Harley as she is a real tomboy! Funny and cute photo of Monte (larger dog) and Harley on the beach. Monte, usually very obedient, ignored the calls to go home. Little miss Harley took it upon herself to go get her big brother!

Above – Garfield in his new home!
Below – Heidi and Oreo in their new home!

Above – A very hip and happy looking Foxy in his new home! Pictured here with his new friend and companion Logan.

Below – Bella, formerly called Sparkles

Above – Bibi in his new home with his new mom and companion Casper.
Below – Tukalook (formerly Kendra) with her fur companion Jesse and some of her 2 legged family!

Above – Tukalook, playing in her new home.

Below – Jet (white) in his new home with her fur brother Nero

Above – Jet and Nero playing together! They get on like a house on fire and love to run and play together!

Below – Mali (previously Malibu) and fur sister Scarlett.

Above – Sam (formerly Porter) admiring himself in the mirror at his new home.

Below – Sasha in her new home.

Below – Tia in her new home.

Below – Liv in her new home with fur sister Tilly!

Below – Sophia, very happy in her new home with her new mum!

Below – Hunter (formerly Hartley) in his new home!

Below – Alie having fun on the beach with her new family. She was adopted in 2011. Her fur sister is Princess and she has two feline companions as well!

Barbie with her ball, in her new home!

Pepsi with her new dad, on the day she was adopted. She is loving her new family who adore her!

Baba – now called Finley – in his new home.

AbbE in her new home!

Bico (previously called Triggs) has relocated with his new parents and is now enjoying his loving home in Germany!

Ora – now called Lucy – living the life in her new forever home! Pictured below with her new friend Barclay.

Below is sweet Timmie. A few ‘before’ photos and a few of him in his new home! He was given just 6 months to live (to April of this year) but somehow we feel he is going to be around for a lot longer! You can see how happy and loved he is in his new home. We are thrilled for him!

Graeme in his new home! “Thank you so much for Graeme. As you can see, he has fit right in! The pic was taken while he was asleep in the bedroom and he snores! lol Such a sweet dog. We love him to pieces!” Amanda Mohammed (Graeme’s new mum).

Below is a photo of Sweet Pea, now called Chai, on her way home. Also one of her and Tia, previously adopted by the same family! (Another photo of Tia can be found above somewhere!)

Above – Carlos, as usual with not a care in the world, heading to his new wonderful home.
Below – Ziggy with his new dad and playmates

Above – Lucky Chelsea on her way home, adopted by Zoe and family.

Below – Before and after photos ofย  Serena. The before photos were taken on the 23rd January 2013 when Serena was at the Veterinary Clinic and just skin and bones. The lovely after photos show her in her new home with her new dad Raymond. She has been renamed Lette and we are overjoyed to see how far she has come in just 3 short months!

Below – Simon in his new home with his new human Benjamin! Benjamin has been volunteering at the Ark for close to a month and from day one fell in love with Simon. Simon has been with us since 10th March 2012 – over a year! – patiently waiting for his turn. We are so happy he now has his very own forever home! We will never give up on any of our Ark dogs and will continue to work tireless to ensure they find wonderful homes – no matter how long it takes!

Below – Mia in her home! One pic from her in 2011 and one from her in 2013. Adopted from us as a pup in March 2011 by two of our wonderful Saturday volunteers, Iain & Andrew Caskie. They fell in love with her at first sight!

Below – Frankie in his new home. Originally called Francis after St. Francis of Assisi. Frankie, a senior dog, spent most of his life on the end of a short chain. However, he was rescued by an Ark Volunteer and has been adopted by a wonderful family. He is so very loved and spoiled! Here is he is with his Mum, Carol.

Below – Here is one of our wonderful and dedicated Ark Volunteers Debra with Wolfy who she recently adopted. Wolfy is an owner surrender dog, age 16 years old. Sometimes there are circumstances beyond one’s control and this was one of them. We received a plea for help and Debra offered to foster him – and the rest is history! Another foster failure – but with a happy ending! Thanks Debra, for giving Wolfy a wonderful and loving home for the balance of his life!

Below – Duchess and China are loving their new home and new four legged companion Foxy. Pictured here with Khea who adores them and the feeling is most definitely mutual!

Below – Vera and Pele were adopted together on Saturday 11th May 2013 by this wonderful family. They have been kennel mates for a while and are best friends so of course we are thrilled that they have remained together!

Below – Oreo & Snickers. They were adopted by a wonderful family! Exactly the home we were hoping for, one with children and also they are together! We had some interest in Snickers in the past, however we knew how close both dogs were so we waited patiently for the right home and how glad we are that we did! This message was received from their new Mum – “Oh we are in for a treat with O & S, they are so adorable, we could not have made a better choice and we’re all full of joy. Thank you so much for all you have done.”

Below – We passed by to see how our wonderful Trixie was doing in her new home – JUST AMAZING!! Trixie is soo happy and already has made herself quite at home. It is moments like this that make you know YOU are making a difference. Thanks to her new family for giving her such a loving and caring home!

Below: Beauitful and sweet Tami with her new dad Ralph.ย  She was rescued in Nov 2011 where she was living as a chained dog and it has taken all of 18 months for her to find her forever home. We could never understand why it took her so long, but in the end she was able to chose her own person and she is definitely now Daddy’s girl!

Above: A very happy Cooper (now called Anderson Cooper) on his way home. Cooper was actually adopted a couple of weeks ago. We popped by his new home recently and WOW! He is one very happy and much loved dog. Cooper was found at the dump around the middle of May and brought to us. Definitely a rage to riches story.

Below: Gus, one of our pups, on his way to his forever home. It looks as if he is thanking his new dad, Rodney, for choosing him. We love this photo!

Below: Here is our sweet Leigh, on her way home. All adoptions are great, there’s no two ways about it, however some are even sweeter than others and Leigh’s story is one of them. Leigh was adopted by this wonderful couple as a companion for their very adorable and much loved pet, Toby. What makes this adoption stand out is that Leigh was one of 4 pups found on a beach by overseas visitors. She and her litter mates were taken to The Veterinary Clinic. They were only 1 and 1/2 weeks old (10/11 days!). We remember the phone call received as if it were yesterday – HELP needed desperately for these pups to be able to survive. Following another wonderful rescue of Ruby (who had just given birth!) we found a surrogate mum for the pups. Ruby “adopted” these 4 pups as if they were her own and all survived! Following their 1st vaccine, they were brought up to the Ark on the same day as 6 other pups. One by one they were all adopted except for Leigh. We kept asking ourselves WHY? is she being overlooked? It seems that good things do come to those who wait and FINALLY we can share this great news with you.

Below: Roman, just before going to his wonderful new home! We received a lovely note from his new parents: “As for Mr. Roman, after a bath and introduction to Butch and Mika who he didn’t even acknowledge, he spent the morning having a bit of play time in his area out front. He LOVES LOVES LOVES the area out front, he runs around and is so happy and bouncy all the time, looks like a new dog! Almost like he doesn’t know what to do with all that free space. We then took him out on the boat in the afternoon. He wasn’t so sure about the water, then it got rainy and he was hating it but he curled up on my lap in a towel and I pet him for about 2 hours straight like a new born haha. Once the sun came out he was happy and bouncy on the boat, no trouble at all though, he always keeps his composure. SUCH A GREAT DOG!!!! He then came home had a rinse off then some dinner which he ate slowly. He napped for the rest of the afternoon then we took him out for a walk on the beach last night as we do every night. He is surprisingly good in the car too, sits in the back like a “good little kid” according to Arron. The rest of the family is also warming up to him. We can’t thank you enough for him! He will be loved and kept happy always!”

Who remembers Bart? Well here he is with his new dad, just a month after being adopted. Smiles all around! Bart is doing very well indeed, taken for daily walks. He just adores his Daddy Lee, who keep us updated on a regular basis. Thanks Lee for seeing what we saw in Bart and giving him exactly the home we were hoping and praying for! Below shows the before and after photos, starting with when he was first picked up.

One very happy Spencer – he looks as if he is laughing away! As usual, since we were in the area of one of our recently adopted dogs – this time Spencer – we decided to quickly pop by to say “hi” and see how he was settling in. As you can see, he is one very happy boy indeed! ๐Ÿ™‚ Here he is, pictured below, with his new mum.

Below: Beer (previously Bear!) and Clarke going to their new and wonderful home. It was love at first sight when Chris met Bear 2 weeks ago. Wonderful to see how Bear seemed to claim Chris as his own, lying on his feet and having a conversation with him. Visiting him last week up at The Ark, Nicole then fell in love with Clarke and the rest is history. “We are so thrilled with them both! They have fit in perfectly and have made themselves quite comfortable at their furever home.” Two very lucky dogs indeed!

Below: Another two of our wonderful dogs shall be spending their Christmas in a loving family home. For Mark & Amanda it was love at first sight when they saw Ragga and Lance (now called Hacker after Hacker T Dog – we had to google it!) who could be father and son, but are not. Here they are on their way home last Saturday. We have called to see how they have settled in and according to Amanda they are “besotted with them!” Congrats on the two additions to your family!

ABOVE – A very lucky Daisy heading off to her new, wonderful and loving home! Linda and Steve started volunteering up at The Ark around the middle of December 2013. Realizing how very full we constantly are with a never ending list of dogs to come in, they offered to join our very small list of fosters. Of course their kind offer was immediately accepted with the result of them fostering Zara who was in boarding after being found as a severely underweight stray in need of some extra TLC. Mission accomplished as Zara thrived in their care – she should be going to her new home within the next week or so. And then Linda & Steve met little Daisy who came in to us in early January 2014 and who reminded them so much of their beloved pet that they sadly lost at the ripe old age of 18. All they could think about was Daisy and how they could adopt her since they live here for 6 months of the year and then head back to the UK for the balance of the year. Where there is a will, there is a way as the saying goes. Daisy is now a beloved member of the Rowse’s family. She has settled in perfectly! No looking back and she is enjoying all the fuss and attention she is receiving! Thanks Linda & Steve for giving “our” Daisy such a great home!

Above: Rico adopted Benji (black and tan) through the Ark about a year ago and he recently decided to give another rescue dog a home. Rico fell in love with the photo of Pinto on our facebook page and asked to adopt him. We helped with the transport as well as the introduction of both dogs, which is so very important. Pinto and Benji are getting on great together and they are two very lucky dogs to have such a great “Daddy” who walks them every evening without fail. Yay for Benji & Pinto!

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